Read what some of my clients have to say!

6 months ago I decided to give Rocky & Rockbody-Fitness a try. Working, with 3 kids (11,7,4), Crohns Disease & Fibromyalgia- losing the weight and getting healthy has been a struggle! With all of Rocky’s knowledge, guidance and counsel as well as all of the amazing support from the awesome “Rock- stars” I have lost 24 lbs!!!! More than that I feel so much better both physically and mentally- and emotionally (truly I could write a novel on all of the amazing changes that have taken place- most importantly I am learning to love my own body)! Thank you Rocky (Rockbody-Fitness) and all of you Rock-Stars that have helped make this possible! 

…when my daughter looks at me and tells me how proud of me she is! She sees me making the changes and the difference it is making and I hope as she continues to grow she keeps this in mind and continues to keep healthy habits herself She also tells me frequently “I don’t know how you do it. How do you turn down cake and ice cream. –Suzanne


Rocky has helped me lose 21 pounds, and all of our interaction has been via the computer. When I first went to her for help, she took the time to listen to what I was doing, what was working, and what was not working. She introduced me to MyFitnessPal, which is an amazing tool that has helped me on my journey. She provided encouragement when I needed it and praise when I deserved it. As a mother, she understands how busy life can be and her ability to live a healthy lifestyle is motivation to me when I feel like I want to take the easy way out. –Holly


Rocky is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. She not only knows how to give you a killer workout, she also really cares about you. She has encouraged and motivated me on my journey with her knowledge in regards to diet and fitness to get me where I want and need to be. I would totally recommend my dear friend Rocky to kick your butt in gear! –Julie

I had the pleasure of meeting Rocky on my second attempt at joining the YMCA. My first experience was horrible and I left in December 2009. I returned in January 2011. This time they had me immediately sign up to meet with a Fit Quest Coach. I would be meeting with Rocky. My first meeting and impression of Rocky – Literally, as I sat and talked about myself and looked into her eyes, she got me. She understood me and she cared. Gosh, where was she back in 2009? Rocky made me feel comfortable and welcomed and it’s what I needed.

Rocky’s way of working you out – She’s patient and doesn’t care for excuses. No ifs and or buts about it, just do it. Which a lot of us like about her. Don’t bother to breathe the words “I can’t” because it’s more like whining and she’ll just turn a deaf ear to you. When she shrugs her shoulders don’t talk anymore just give it all you got. If she makes you throw up, just know that deep down inside, she’s laughing and smiling because chances are, she’s accomplished what she wanted. And deep down inside, rather you know it or not, you just got the best workout—Shannon


I am so excited, I can do 80 jumping jacks without peeing!—Leslie


I will always remember that I was your first! You used to kill me several times a week. Wish I could be with you now for a great workout, good conversation, and the beautiful views. Keep inspiring! Love ya, Claudia (A little update on Claudia. She is now back training with me since returning to Virginia Beach)



I was skeptical to try the online training program via Facebook, but I am SO very happy I did. The set up is ideal for me- a monthly calendar of daily exercises that I can do when it fits in my schedule. The support and recipes from the other gals in the group is awesome and Rocky is a wealth of knowledge and support. I’ve lost over 15 pounds but more importantly I feel healthy and I’m confident in me and my body again!—Aimee



Claudia: 64 years young, lost 8 lbs and a total of 7 inches in 5 weeks of working out with me! She really focused on her diet the past 4 weeks and did her homework!! It PAID OFF!!!

Sarah: 33 years young, lost 2lbs, 5 inches all over and has cut back her smoking and drinking a lot!!! She worked out with me twice a week for the past 5 weeks! The progress I have seen in her strength is incredible as well!!! KEEP IT UP!

Keri: 35 years young, lost 7lbs and a total of 3 inches all over! She has worked out twice a week for 5 weeks with me as well. Her eating has made improvements and the girl is a BEAST!