It Starts at 1

All things start at the beginning.   Your journey can start today by one small change.   One small change can make a world of difference in the long haul.   Your one small thing can be a 15 minute walk outside each day. It can be the goal of drinking […]

Exercise doesn’t have to be fun

Back in April, I went with a friend to a group exercise class that she said she loved to attend. When the class was over, I knew why she loved going to that class. The instructor was engaging She clearly knew what she was doing She dealt out a heck […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 7: Now that it is Over

Well I finished 28 Days of Haley Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet and I have to say the ending was such a happy time for me.   I loved the discipline the diet required of me, but I think the last week it all really wore on me.   It didn’t help that […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 6: Phase 3

  Finally phase 3!! (And trust me when I say that you will say this each and every week) This phase feels like Christmas compared to the other phases.   This phase you get to add some healthy fats into your diet, but you also get to keep all the other […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 5: Phase 2

This phase is for meat lovers! This phase is the most restrictive, and by far my least favorite phase.   This is where the body really burns some fat!   Here is the rundown of meals:   Breakfast Snack (a.m.) Lunch Snack (p.m.) Dinner Protein, Veggie Protein Protein, Veggie Protein Protein, […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 4: Phase 1 Foods and Exercise

Phase 1 of this diet is the phase full of carbs! Hailey warns those that have chronically dieted and have been cutting carbs, that this phase may be really hard. Trust the process and learn to enjoy this phase!   This phase is all about soothing the adrenals and thyroid. […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 3: Preparations and tips

So let me start this off and say—I am NOT a food planner.   I may make efforts periodically, but I am just not organized enough to make the effort. BUT with this diet, I actually planned out my first week of meals and it is probably the only way I […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 2: The Low Down 1

Now that you have the background on why I decided to give this diet a try (refer to previous blog: The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 1: Why I chose this diet), let me give you the Low Down on what this diet involves. Haylie’s rationale: (yes I am on a […]

The Fast Metabolism Diet Part 1: Why I chose this diet 1

My clients know that I am a big supporter of lifestyle changes versus “dieting.”   Dieting is a word that has really gotten quite a bad rap and almost makes me cringe to say “I am on a diet.”   Well guess what? I AM ON A DIET.   I am following […]

If it Doesn’t Challenge You…

A motto you should keep in your mind and close to your heart:   “If it doesn’t challenge you, if doesn’t change you.”   This is about exercising, but it is also about life.   Take a minute to reflect upon things that have happened in the past—you know those really […]